La nostra storia

The project “Vittorio d’Ottavio” is born from the experience in the artisan luxury leather industry of its founder with the same name.

Vittorio d’Ottavio was born in Piove di Sacco (Padua) in 1951. Since his adolescence he worked for the historical Leather shop “Galleani & Zanetti” in Padua specialized in Luxury Bags and Haute couture.

The owners recognized in him technical and organizational abilities and decided to assign him the role of Technic and Productive Director of the whole structure. 
Vittorio maintained this role until 1984 with exceptional results, then he decided to make his dream come true and found his own Artisan Leather Shop.

In September 1984, with a partner, he found “KERIMA di d’Ottavio Vittorio & C. S.n.c”. This industry produced fine manufactured Italian products, thanks also to a collaboration with some of the most important designer at that time such as Philippe Model, closed friend of them. The collections created had a lot of success both in Italy and abroad and rapidly the brand “KERIMA Made in Italy” entered in the main distribution channels in Italy and abroad, with a special attention to Countries such as Japan, United States and the Middle East Area.

Once the brand “KERIMA” was consolidated, Vittorio was contacted by Renè Caovilla, the most important exponent of Luxury Footwear. They started a collaboration to create the perfect match between Shoe and Bag, using typical Venetian satins and ornaments they created a unique total look.

Thanks to this collaboration, than become friendship, Vittorio was contacted by the main and affirmed fashion industries and, from 1994, KERIMA started to produce for the brands GUCCI, VALENTINO and, later in time, YVES SAINT LAURENT.

In 1997 entered the staff Filippo d’Ottavio, Vittorio’s eldest son, who brought in his abilities in logistic, productive and administrative organization. With his father, they decided to develop and improve the productive Lay-out of the structure. In order to do that they started a collaboration with Mr. Renato Salmaso, well-known productive technician who worked for all the existent BRANDS.

In 2004 entered the team also Rossana Sanavio, Vittorio’s wife, in order to help with her twenty-year experience in Luxury Fur Coat Shop. First of all, the usage of ancient stitching methods allowed KERIMA to permanently settle in between the main luxury brands in the best boutiques in the world.

In 2009, in order to complete the managerial board, entered the staff Leopoldo d’Ottavio, Vittorio and Rossana’s youngest son. He was flanked since the first day by Vittorio e Filippo in order to help him becoming a complete and competent artisan in the Leather Industry, able to continue the ancient traditions of the production and, at the same time, to be aware of the secrets in the organization.

Once the role in the company were established, the family continued to collaborate with the Great Brands, while in the meantime, decided to start standing on their own legs creating a total independent project using all the artistic experience and productive organization assimilated in years. In this way they started to develop the project “Vittorio d’Ottavio”.

We want to create a real Brand in Luxury Leather Industry focused on the usage of an innovative design, created in order to make stand out all the particular or traditional making. Vittorio can use his experience to contact and create collaboration with the best tanneries for leather of high quality and with the most important and affirmed designer and accessorize creator in this sector. Those relations allows the usage and personalization of exclusive and valued materials, that can answer all the needs of VITTORIO D’OTTAVIO making.

Our mission is to transfer in every product that come out our industry all our experience, passion and the love for this profession that can easly called art.